Anthony Goulet has captured the real stuff, the reality, that so many young people deal with on a daily basis. He takes you behind the scenes and inside the minds of high-risk youth, and exposes you to the skill of youth workers on the front lines addressing these issues every day.
- Richard Ramos, Founder, President & CEO of the Latino Coalition for Community Leadership

"I found the presentation to be very informative and an eye-opener for communities. After listening to the presentation, I felt that we need to be proactive/preventive instead of reacting to the gangs already here."
- Juana O Watson, Senior Advisor for Latino Affairs in the Office of the Governor of Indiana

 “After seventeen years of working in the juvenile justice system, I have attended more workshops than I can remember. Anthony’s gang prevention and intervention training is the best I have ever experienced.”  
- Dallas County Juvenile Probation District Supervisor

"Anthony, thank you for inspiring and sharpening the skills of our youth mentors, so that we can facilitate the process of healing and positive development with the youth we serve at the highest possible level."
- Akello Stone, Executive Director of Manifest Your Destiny Foundation - Los Angeles, CA 

"Anthony, as someone who was a youth participant in programs that you worked and managed, I am grateful for the process of healing that God worked through you in my life. Now, as the co-founder and co-director of Inspire Detroit, a youth serving organization within the Detroit Public Schools, I thank you for your continued guidance and support. Your training and workshops are the best I have ever experienced. They are holistic and practical. I am grateful to pay it forward to all the youth families our organization serves. To God be the glory in Jesus' name."
- Rolando DelCorral, Co-Founder & Co-Director of Inspire Detroit - Detroit, MI 

Anthony, after years of being a counselor for young people in residential treatment programs I was on the verge of quitting.  I was beginning to think that I was not making a positive difference, then I heard you speak. You reinvigorated my passion. Every young person I serve and every coworker I have needs to hear your message.”
– Texas Counselors Association Conference Participant – Corpus Christie, TX

 “We are so happy to of met you and blessed that you could visit us here! You brought much healing to the lives of youth and families in our community. Thank you for all you do, it’s truly wonderful the work that you do.”
- Prairie Island Dakota Community Family Health Staff – Welch, MN

 "There are not many trainings where you leave with something to carry on, not only in your work, but in yourself. Your training has helped me become a better person first, and a better educator second. It has also helped me know that if I never give up I can reach the youth. I appreciate your approach and your passion."
- Kristina D, Big Thought – Dallas, TX

 "Anthony’s approach honors the individual's history and future without demeaning for less than positive life choices. Anthony is able to provide education on the topic with passion, commitment and experience. I recommend his training for anyone who is committed to helping gang involved youth."
- Melissa A. Ortiz, Trainer, Youth Advocate Programs – New Jersey

 "I felt that you were able to find the key that unlocked the door to our potential."
- Trips for Kids Board Member – Detroit, MI

 “Dawn, you and Tony (Anthony) have made a huge impact on some of these kids whose home lives are less than perfect. I have never seen the kids react so strongly to anyone before! You are a magnet of hope for those you come in contact with. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for you and Tony.  Just know that I am thankful the kids in this community had a chance to meet you and Tony, two beautiful souls.”
- Angela, Upper Sioux Community Staff – Granite Falls, MN

 "The depth of Anthony's celestial tool box was far more expansive and inclusive than any training I have ever had. I enjoyed being escorted on the longest walk back to my heart, and to think how long it takes to get back to the heart is only 17 inches."
- Alejandro P, Big Thought – Dallas, TX

 “Your message is powerful and just what our students need to hear. Thank you.
- Alpha Academy School Staff - Magnolia, Texas

"Thank you for inspiring and helping, not only our entire student body, but our school staff to reconnect with the power of our mission, dreams, vision, and purpose."

- New Caney High School Staff - New Caney, TX 

"You have reaffirmed the sacredness in each one of us so that we can reaffirm the sacredness with all the youth we serve.
- Mary H, Big Thought – Dallas, TX

Anthony Goulet