Inspirational and Keynote Speaking

The training and workshops Anthony facilitates are delivered from twenty-five years of experience in working with youth and young adults in gang prevention & intervention, substance abuse counseling, substance abuse prevention, sex trafficking prevention & intervention, suicide prevention & intervention, peace building, substance abuse and criminal behavior relapse prevention, prisoner reentry, and street outreach crisis counseling. Anthony understands how to facilitate healing in the lives of youth and young adults within homes, schools, prisons, detention facilities, shelters, residential treatment centers, counseling offices, and on the streets. He also understands how to teach others who are called to serve youth and young adults, and is very passionate about sharing his experiences and techniques with dynamic storytelling, exercises, and group activities that will elevate your program to a powerful, new level so that the youth and young adults you are entrusted to serve experience the miracles of transformation and healing. 

Anthony Goulet

The Four: A Journey to Remember

Delivered with Twenty-five Years of Experience

The Four: A Journey to A Remember workshop takes participants on the sacred, seventeen inch journey from the head back to the heart. In this workshop participants rid themselves of the lies of doubt and fear through inspirational and motivational conversation and letter writing, leaving room for Love, Prayer, Laughter, and Tears to fill the vacuum that exists when doubt and fear leave. Participants are reminded of the purification of Tears, the power of Love and Prayer, and experience a breakthrough back to Laughter – a truly joyful identity. We will remember that we never had to become someone or something because we are already much more than some one or some thing, we are sacred beings with a vision, mission, dreams, and purpose to fulfill in this life. And part of following our sacred vision, mission, dreams, and purpose is reminding each other of the sacred beings we all are. This workshop is filled with exercises that participants will experience to see that all the skills, abilities, and attributes needed to be happy, loving, compassionate people are already within them. It is a workshop filled with encouraging and challenging conversations to remember, reclaim and live your vision, mission, dreams, and purpose, to contribute healing to your family, community, and world.

Begin With Peace is Anthony's most sought after training for service providers who serve youth and young adults who are gang affiliated or at high-risk of becoming gang affiliated. Begin With Peace is a holistic, comprehensive training that Anthony has facilitated nationally since 2011. This training takes participants through a dynamic and interactive journey of how to effectively facilitate healing with the youth and young adults being served by your organization. Participants are taken through a deep understanding of key elements in gang prevention and intervention, as well as the practical and most effective application of these key elements in individual and group settings within schools, homes, after-school programs, residential treatment facilities, emergency youth shelters, juvenile detention facilities, and the streets. Due to the comprehensiveness of this training it will meet many of the standard training requirements for your organization. Some of the key elements covered in this training are: 

  •  Trauma Informed Care
  • Cultural Competency
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Post Traumatic Growth​
  • Resiliency Building
  • Enhancing Protective Factors
  • Mediation​​
  • Crisis Intervention​
  • Peace Building 
  • Outreach
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Intervention


Anthony is an acclaimed author and one of the best motivational speakers who has delivered his passionate, and powerful message of the journey from the head back to the heart at high schools, colleges, nonprofit organizations, shattered lives programs, mentor programs, and fundraisers throughout the United States. Whether you are looking for a dynamic speaker to reach and inspire high school students, executives, donors, or your entire community, Anthony has a unique gift for taking the theme of your event and weaving a beautiful story with his true life story of trauma to triumph, spiritual principles and servant leadership, that not only reminds the audience about the certainty of healing, success, and joy, but shows them how to get back to their own hearts and live their vision, mission, dreams and purpose.  

Begin With Peace: Trauma Informed Care Gang Prevention and Intervention

"The wounds within gang life are small compared to the wounds that cause our young people to choose a life within gangs."