Anthony Goulet

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About Anthony Goulet

Anthony Goulet is an acclaimed author, speaker and trainer whose books as well as his life's work in youth development is endorsed by national leaders in youth violence prevention, gang intervention, personal transformation and parenting. 

​​​As a youth, Anthony experienced the powerful transformation and healing process of being a participant in youth programs. As his mentors and counselors helped him work through the pain, loss, tragedy, and trauma he experienced in his childhood, he uncovered something that he didn't know was there - a gift. With the guidance of highly skilled and passionate mentors and counselors, Anthony walked a sacred, healing journey from his head back to his heart. It is there where he remembered and reclaimed his vision, mission, dreams, and purpose. In 1991 he began his path in working with youth and young adults, and continues to facilitate the sacred, healing journey from the head back to the heart with all those he is entrusted to serve. 

​In his twenty-six year career in youth development, Anthony has led gang prevention and intervention programs, prisoner reentry programs, and worked as a Certified Addictions Counselor with gang affiliated youth and adults providing relapse prevention for substance abuse and criminal behavior. Anthony continues to work full time as a Street Outreach Crisis Counselor who serves homeless, runaway, exploited, and sex trafficked youth by facilitating interventions, rescues, and safe transports on the streets; he also provides the longer term services of counseling and family reunification within the emergency youth shelter. Due to his personal testimony, twenty-five years of professional experience, and ability to articulate the process of transformation with passion and beautiful storytelling, Anthony continues to be sought by many organizations as a motivational speaker, trainer, keynote speaker and presenter.

Anthony works full time as a Street Outreach Crisis Counselor in Montgomery County, Texas where he lives with his wonderful wife and children.

With his personal testimony, dynamic storytelling, and twenty-six years of experience as a gang interventionist, street outreach crisis counselor and substance abuse counselor, Anthony facilitates training and workshops that deliver inspiration, motivation and healing.

Anthony will customize all speaking, training and workshops to meet the needs of your organization and those you serve. Some of his most sought after services are:

Begin with Peace: Trauma Informed Care Gang Prevention and Intervention Training

The Four: A Journey to Remember Workshop facilitated in conjunction with Anthony's book The Four.

The Seventeen Inch Walk:
A two hour inspirational and motivational message that gives youth and young adults the insights, skills and inspiration to remember and reclaim their vision, mission, dream and purpose.