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Meet Author Anthony Goulet

Anthony Goulet has led youth prevention, gang intervention, and prisoner reentry programs in Detroit, MI and Dallas, TX. For 24 years he has worked as a mentor, substance abuse counselor, gang interventionist, and life coach. Anthony reaches those who are inappropriately labeled as unreachable, and teaches those who are incorrectly labeled as unteachable. The stories he shares moves readers back to where journeys of pain can take us from, and journeys of healing will take us to - our hearts.  

​​​​​​"Until someone can see you as sacred, a miracle, blessing, and gift, they cannot see you."

 Anthony Goulet

Welcome to my page. Before you explore the site and read about me, I need you to understand that it's not about me. I need you to know that I give all the credit to God. There was a time that I was in a very dark place of hopelessness and God delivered me. Directly and through other people, God moved in my life in such a way that I was guided on the most important journey we can take in this life. It is only a seventeen inch journey, yet it is perhaps the most challenging journey we can take, and that journey is from our heads back to our hearts. I have witnessed too many miracles to be a skeptic. I know that any poison can be transformed to a healing medicine when love is the ingredient we use.

Anthony Goulet is an author, speaker, trainer and poet whose work is endorsed by national leaders in gang prevention, violence prevention, youth development, parenting and personal development. He is a national trainer and acclaimed author who combines his personal testimony, professional development and spirituality to guide others on the most important seventeen inch walk we can take in this lifetime - the journey from our head back to our heart. 

With twenty-four years of professional experience in youth development, gang prevention and intervention, substance abuse counseling, prisoner reentry and crisis counseling, Anthony brings invaluable experience to his audience with a dynamic and compassionate approach. 

Anthony's writings and interviews are featured in The Los Angeles Post, The Good Men Project, Red Man Films, Journey of Possibilites, and the Elephant Journal. 

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